Wednesday, May 1, 2013


    I leave town for a few days, and Marlins explode. They were 5-17 when I left. Now they're a roaring 8-19, having won three in a row, thanks to a 15-inning battle and an  ump's blown call at third.
    Still, the '62 Mets, losing-est team in baseball history, went on a streak about this time too, and they were 9-18 at this point. The 2003 Tigers, worst non-expansion team in history, were 3-24.
    The Marlins remain last in batting average, home runs, slugging percentage and runs scored. They are averaging 2.7 runs a game, still putting them on track for worst-ever run production over a 162-game season, the 1968 Chicago White Sox, which scored 2.85 a game.
    Stanton finds his home run swing. Stanton finds DL. But phenom Ozuma comes up and gets a hit. A sprig of hope in a dismal season -- even if the past two victories were against the lowly Mets.

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