Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That Damn Tigers Trade

    Back to the future: Another one-run game in San Diego, another loss. Disappointed in JP's lead-off performance, they put Hechavarria (.188) there and he goes 0-3 with a walk.
    Which of course brings me back as a sour fan to that damned 2007 Tigers trade and what might have been.
    Back in October, after Miggy won the first triple crown since 1967, quoted Marlins GM Michael Hill as saying that he's still confident the Marlins got the better of the deal. "Miguel Cabrera likely peaked this year. Whereas the guys we got in return have yet to do anything. You could say they're full of potential."
        Oh yeah? Of the six guys the Tigers sent the Marlins, three -- Dallas Trahern, Mike Rabelo and Eulogio De La Cruz – -- got dumped without any compensation.
    Let's look at  the others:
    Andrew Miller – traded to Boston Red Sox in 2010 in return for Dustin Richardson, who was claimed off waivers by the Braves the following year. So zero benefit there.
    Burke Badenhop – traded in 2011 to Tampa Bay for Jake Jefferies, who's now with AAA New Orleans. In six minor league seasons, Jefferies has  batted .250, with 10 stolen bases and 15  homers.
    Cameron Maybin – traded in 2010 to Padres for Edward Mujica and Ryan Webb.  Mujica, who showed considerable promise, was dumped last year to the Cards for Zack Cox, who is now playing third base at AA Jacksonville batting .328 with no homers. Ryan Webb is a run-of-the-mill bullpen guy with Marlins.
        So six years after giving away Cabrera, we have ... Ryan Webb.
        Still, of those still in the minor leagues as spin-offs of the trade, Hill said:  Now, you may say: 'Those guys you got in return suck major ass' or 'I never heard of any of them.' And that's fine. But maybe we'll somehow trade one of those guys for a future Hall of Famer."
        Wanna bet?
        After Tuesday's 5-1 loss to the Padres, the Marlins are now 10-24. The '62 Mets were 12-22 at this point, the 2003 Tigers 7-27.

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