Friday, May 10, 2013


    The Dodgers -- upcoming foes for a weekend series -- are in some important ways are more pathetic than the Fish. The Marlins are now 10-25, with the Dodgers at 13-20.
    According to USA Today, the Marlins have a payroll of $36.3 million and the Dodgers, with the second highest payroll (after the Yankees) are at $216.6 million. If  you extrapolate their present win percentage to end of season, that means the Fish are spending $789,130 per victory, the Dodgers $3.4 million per victory. Those Dodger owners must be steaming.
    Meanwhile, the Marlins have three players -- Fernandez, Ozuna and now Dietrich -- who were in A ball last year. They're now AA players promoted by a desperate franchise. If they develop, the Marlins might be able to give the AAA Yankees a run for their money later in the year. 
    BTW, the Marlins present pace would give them 46 wins for the season, better than the 40 achieved by the worst-ever '62 Mets.

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