Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comparing Astros and Marlins

    Michael Jong at has a brilliant analysis of two rebuilding teams -- the Astros and Marlins. The Astros have put their project in the hands of the former scout director of the Cards, a team with a fabulous farm system. The Marlins continue to put their system in the hands of a guy who has been failing for a decade while Loria fires managers for not performing.
    Jong writes: "Beinfest has an unfortunately shoddy history in the draft over the last ten years and was in part responsible for the dearth of talent that was promoted in the late 2000's and early 2010's. The Marlins' minor league system ranked near last in each of the three years before this past off-season, and it was due to a series of poor drafts that were finally rectified by recent picks. Also, Beinfest and company have shown no inkling of interest in statistics and have proven they have very little knowledge on the matter based on the comments they have made in the past."
    Read  his full report here.
    After Sanabia's loss Wednesday night, the Marlins are 11-29. The '62 Mets at this point were 12-28.

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