Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh, Lucy!

    A day after I posted that maybe we should enjoy watching an AA team, the one big-time Major League salary comes into focus. Ricky Nolasco, who gave up six runs in the first two innings last night, is listed by ESPN as getting $11.5 million this year.
    There were rumors in the off-season that the Marlins wanted to dump Ricky too, but MLB stopped that because they didn't want the Marlins to become (more?) of a laughingstock. He earns far more than anyone else on the team -- and more than the entire rest of Tuesday's starting lineup. In second place are Polanco and Hechavarria (?!) at $2.75 million each.
    He is tied for the team lead in losses -- with five -- but at least he soaks up the innings, leading the team with 53.1.
    Confirming their AA status, the Marlins had Dietrich and Ozuna batting three and four last night.
    For the season the Marlins are 11-28. The 1962 Mets at this point were 12-27, but they were about to lose another nine straight games, so this may be the point where the Marlins can separate themselves from the losing-est team in ML history.

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