Friday, May 3, 2013


    Phenom Marcell Ozuna had two hits Thursday night against Phillies, and he could be the real deal. Or he could be another Jeremy Hermida, who hit a grand slam in his first ML at bat and has been sliding downhill ever since. 
    Were my bad thoughts about the Marlins farm system wrong? Well, Ozuna was signed by the Marlins as an undrafted free agent in 2008. Sanabia, last night's pitcher, was drafted in the 32nd round in 2006; he's starting to show signs of true mediocrity. The other seven starters on Thursday all came from elsewhere.
    As a small market team, the Marlins need to build from within, but what they seem to specialize in is picking up free agents for low pay that no one else wants -- Dobbs, Solano, Polanco, Juan Pierre (who miraculously walked again Thursday night, making for his third walk of the season).
    Where are the great draft picks that the Marlins boasted about in the past? Like Kyle Skipworth and Matt Dominguez?
    The Marlins are now 8-21. The 1962 Mets were 10-19, the 2003 Tigers were 4-25.
    After Thursday night's two-run outing, the Marlins have now scored 81 runs in 29 games -- 2.79 per game. The record low for a 162-game season comes from the 1968 Chicago White Sox, which scored 2.85 a game.
    The Marlins are also close to the worst-fielding team in baseball this year. Only the Nats have more errors, for what it's worth.

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