Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A-Rod: A Star in Decline

Orlando sez: Well, I didnt get the path right, but I got the destination, Boston (though I admit Yanks had been my first choice). ARod might be the player he is anywhere, but he'll never be as big a star, because no profile is as high as being a yankee.
Now it's time to turn off the TV till after the superbowl.


Ronnie sez: At 24, Miguel Cabrera is already putting up daunting numbers -- averaging 32 HR, 115 RBI and batting .318 over the last four years. He also has been incredibly clutch, hitting a game winning HR in his first game. And who can forget his 2-run shot to right just after the brush-back pitch from Clemens in the '03 World Series? He is the most feared hitter in our lineup, making everyone else that much better. When Miggy enters the Hall of Fame, he should do so as the first Marlin so honored.

Yet talk is building about the possibility of moving Miggy. If the Marlins do move him, they should only do so for the highest of returns. Trade him to the Yankees? Only if you get back Melky Cabrera, Joba Chamberlain AND Phil Hughes. The Yankees may scoff at such an offer. So be it. The Marlins are in a position of strength. You only move a future Hall of Famer if you get the highest quality in return. So: Don't trade No. 24.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Young Marlins Getting Respect

Ronnie sez: In today's Palm Beach Post, columnist Charles Elmore has a razor-sharp take on the Yankees' decision to let A-Rod go and to hire Joe Girardi as manager. In the body of this terrific column, Elmore cites telling information while contrasting the Fish with the Yanks. To wit: "The Yankees rank 27th out of 30 teams for talent under 29 years old, according to the 'Bill James Handbook 2008' to be released Thursday. The baseball analyst, rating players statistically on runs created and runs allowed, pegged Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins No. 2 and Miguel Cabrera 13th on the top 25 young players in the league. The aging Yankees placed no one in the top 25."

Girardi and Miggie, together again?

Well, now that Girardi is a Yankee, maybe they won't look to Lowell. NY Times this morning says Miggie's a possibility, "though there is some concern about his conditioning." Surprise! And since all those young arms were destroyed under Girardi in Miami, maybe the Yankees would be better off trading all those young prospects for Miggie. Then Steinbrenner can go out and sign the veteran pitchers he loves -- the Rocket for another go around, how about Glavin? Greg Maddux might be available.... I'll still bet the Yankees go after Lowell, just to spite the BoSox.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lowell and A-Rod

Prediction: Whatever team signs A-Rod will have all sorts of problems and won't get to the World Series. If BoSox offer Mike Lowell a two-year deal, Yankees will offer him four. He started in pinstrikes, remember.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Take The Money

French sez: Why isn't Marlins ownership jumping for joy that local government wants to throw more money at them? Shouldn't their attitude be: Gee, that's wonderful Now, lets find the best possible site for the new stadium?

French sez: On the subject of PEDs: There is abundant rigorous proof that anabolic steroids increase muscle mass and strength. There is also lots of proof that baseball players have used steroids illegally. However, there seems to be little or no medical evidence that HGH increases strength. Not only that, it would be very difficult to do the medical research that would establish whether HGH could actually benefit baseball players--what medical ethics review group would approve a study on healthy young people taking a hormone with such severe long term side-effects?

Why is MLB spending $500 K to develop a test for HGH? Why don't they spend the money instead telling people that: 1. Unlike steroids, there is no proof that it will increase your strength, and 2. The side effects are really really awful?

Dumb Rockies

French asks: Why would the Rockies start a lefty in Fenway in the first game of their World Series?

Girardi and the Stupid Yankees

French sez: Why would a team that imposes strict rules on how frequently and how many pitches a young pitcher can throw be considering former Marlins Manager Joe Girardi for their managerial vacancy?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

WS Game 2

Well, my buddy RCW is a happy man tonight. He thinks the Rockies are "frauds" and "fakes" because some hit better at home than on the road. He believes Coors Field is -- are you ready? -- a hitters ball park that is a travesty to MLB. Whereas Fenway and its Green Monster is a wonderful American tradition. And so when Mr. MVP gets picked off first base (really dumb on his part), RCW gets a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. ...


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