Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ronnie sez: At 24, Miguel Cabrera is already putting up daunting numbers -- averaging 32 HR, 115 RBI and batting .318 over the last four years. He also has been incredibly clutch, hitting a game winning HR in his first game. And who can forget his 2-run shot to right just after the brush-back pitch from Clemens in the '03 World Series? He is the most feared hitter in our lineup, making everyone else that much better. When Miggy enters the Hall of Fame, he should do so as the first Marlin so honored.

Yet talk is building about the possibility of moving Miggy. If the Marlins do move him, they should only do so for the highest of returns. Trade him to the Yankees? Only if you get back Melky Cabrera, Joba Chamberlain AND Phil Hughes. The Yankees may scoff at such an offer. So be it. The Marlins are in a position of strength. You only move a future Hall of Famer if you get the highest quality in return. So: Don't trade No. 24.

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John Dorschner said...

John sez: Miggy's too young for Yanks. ... They should give up some pitching prospects for Aaron Boone, maybe (if Marlins still have rights to him), BoSox don't want any players OVER 35... Yankees WANT them over 35.