Saturday, May 4, 2013


    Shortly after I wrote yesterday that the Marlins seem to specialize "in picking up free agents for low pay that no one else wants" -- I learned they had called up Matt Diaz, 35, released by the Yankees in spring training.
    Announcers happily say that Diaz has really beaten up Marlins pitchers over the years, but in Philadelphia, he wasn't facing a Marlins pitcher. He steps to the plate last night with the bases loaded and strikes out.
    Diaz -- he pronounces it DIE-az -- may have been picked up just to give Spanish broadcasters something to talk about for the rest of the season.
    After Friday night's lost, the Marlins are 8-22. The 2003 Tigers were 5-25 at this point, the 1962 Mets were 11-19.

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