Monday, May 6, 2013

What a weekend

    Fernandez and Slowey pick up their first victories, Ozuna is batting .478 in his first six games, and Hechavarria goes 2-4 Sunday with seven RBIs, putting him closer to the Mendoza line with a .190 average.
    Fun games to watch. But, in this season of our discontent, I have to point out that Marlins are still last in ML in runs, and they gained two victories against the declining Phillies.
    If there is anything more pathetic than the Astros (payroll $22 million) and Marlins (payroll $36.3 million), it's the aging Phillies with a payroll of $165 million, behind only the Yankees and Dodgers. The Phillies are paying Cliff Lee $25 million, Howard, Halladay and Hamels $20 million each.
    Halladay was way over-the-hill on Sunday, and the Marlins youngsters had a great day. The Phillies have gotten 14 victories for their $165 million so far, the Marlins 10 for their $36 million. Still, Philadelphia loves its team -- 45,276 showed up on Sunday. The Marlins are hard pressed to get 20,000, even with deeply discounted tickets.
    For the year, the Marlins are now 10-22. The '62 Mets were 12-20 at this point, the 2003 Tigers 7-25.

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