Monday, May 13, 2013

Remembering Matt D

    Well, it's a pretty good AA club, with Ozuna, in A ball last year, hitting cleanup.  And the guy has an arm! So some hope there.    
    Still, after losing two of three with the Dodgers, the Marlins are heading home last in the ML in runs scored, home runs, batting average, slugging average and of course OBS.
    Which of course makes me think of Matt Dominguez. He was supposed to be the great third baseman, the phenom drafted in the first round (12th overall) in 2007. Last year he was dumped to the Astros in return for Carlos Lee because ... because for a brief moment the leadership was dreaming of a World Series. Carlos is gone and Dominguez, while not the phenom once boasted about, is a regular player with the Astros batting .264 with 2 HR and 15 RBI.
    Dominguez, 23, is getting paid $492,000. The dysfunctional Marlins dumped him and now have a free-agent, Polanco, 37, with zero HR and six RBI, batting .242 and getting paid $2.75 million.
    The Marlins are now 11-27. The '62 Mets at this point were 12-26.

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