Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whoops and Stanton in Center?

OK, well, I was a bit extreme yesterday in saying that Andrew Miller will be the ace of the staff next week. First of all, there's a chance JJ may still pitch (why do I doubt it?) but I forgot last Anibal Sanchez, who last I heard was (a) not injured and (b) not suspended. So Miller is only our (dependable?) No. 2 starter for the upcoming stretch. ...

Anyway, here is some recent comments from French:

"Good point about Maybin catching balls that Cody couldn't have. Maybin also seems more aggressive at the plate, not caught looking so much, or swinging wildly at bad pitches. I liked Cody too, but I don't miss him.

"In theory, they ought to be in a good position to trade a couple of young guys who have had some success in the majors and bring in a heart-of-the-order lefty bat. Morrison, Bonifacio, Coghlan, Gaby, Maybin, and Miller all should have some trade value. My guess is that the won't trade Uggla, because it will just reinforce all the issues they have with MLB and within the community if they shed salary.

" I'd also like to see them keep Morrison, but if Coghlan wasn't hurt, I might feel differently. Maybin is the obvious first choice for center. I wonder if they could move Stanton or Coghlan to center. . . It will be interesting to see which players are asked to learn which positions in the various winter leagues. . ."

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