Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bunts and Damn Bunts

Bonifacio – OK, so he’s been doing well this year – batting .299 at the moment, but I still have major reservations about this guy. On Friday night, against the Chicago Cubs, he did one of his fake bunts, which almost always becomes a strike. I think his theory is that it draws the third baseman in and then next pitch he can slap one by him or something, but the third baseman is already in, and so I don’t know what it accomplishes. Maybe he just likes to pretend he's bunting, because he can't do it very well. I can't find any stats category for fake bunts or trying to bunt for a single, but if there were one, Bonifacio's lack of talent in this category would be exposed. Last night it happened in the seventh, runners on second and third, two out, and he does one of his clever fake bunts and what is the ultimate outcome? A strike out – he essentially gave a strike away. If I were Edwin, I would tell Bonifacio no more bunts – fake bunts or real bunts.

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