Monday, September 20, 2010

Putting Your Cards on the Table

After that horrendous Sunday game in which the pitchers seemed to hold the ball for hours and then threw balls to the Chicago Cubs, I was at the St. Louis Cardinals game Monday that zipped along with a complete game shut out for Volstad, shortest game in Marlins history at 1:52. And here's what I learned about our starting shortstop, replacing Bonifacio, who was sick at the last minute, who was replacing Hanley who has a little something or other.

So our shortstop, just up from AA Jacksonville -- Ozzie Martinez, 22, from Carolina, Puerto Rico, 5-10, 190 – batted .302 in Jacksonville, with 5 homers. Thirteen stolen bases, nine caught stealings – not much speed. He was btw drafted the same year as Andrew Miller and Sinkbeil -- 2006. Whereas they went in the first round, he was taken in the 11th round, out of Porterville College in California.
Would kind of like to see more speed out of a shortstop, but still …
Volstad, btw, was the 16th pick overall in the 2005 draft.

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