Monday, September 20, 2010

Was this the worst inning I've ever seen in person?

Sunday, against the Chicago Cubs: The Marlins were down 2-0 and Andrew Miller could have been touched up for more in the first, but he managed to contain the damage. Then came the second. This is against a lineup of Chicago Cubs minor leaguers – not a single regular.

Wellington Castro, who was later to get his first ML home run started with a walk (the first of the inning). Pitcher Jeff Samardzija sacrificed him to second. ONE OUT. Sam Fuld singles to right, Castro to third. Coach visits the mound. Passed ball by Mike Rivera, runners move up. Darwin Barney walks (second walk). Bases loaded.

Edwin has seen enough. Brett Sinkbeil is brought in. Sinkbeil was the 19th player taken overall in the 2006 draft. Miller was the sixth player overall in that same draft. Bunch of young talent here. About to explode.

Sinkbeil walks Jeff Baker (third walk), run scores. Micah Hoffpauir walks (fourth walk), run scores. Tyler Colvin walks (fifth walk), run scores. Coaching visit to mound (this from Perhaps coach suggested he throw strikes. Bobby Scales strikes out swinging. TWO OUTS. Brad Snyder gets his first major league hit with a single to center, two runs score. Wellington Castro (who walked to start the inning) hits a ground rule double. Another run scores. Samardzija (who foolishly made a sacrifice out early in the inning) is smarter this time. He walks (sixth walk).
Fuld flies out. THREE OUTS.

There is something absolutely deadening about walks from a fan’s view. The team tied a Marlins’ record with 12 walks for the game.

Before the game, I joked with a friend that Miller was facing a minor league lineup. Question: How many runs would he give up? Four runs in six innings, said R. In fact, he gave up five runs in an inning and a third.

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