Monday, September 6, 2010

Logan Morrison and Andrew Miller

Well, two weeks ago, when French and I went to see the Astros, there was Andrew Miller on the mound. A horrendous ERA in Double-A and somehow they want him to start a game in the Major Leagues. For the first two innings, I stood and applauded wildly every time he threw a strike, and he wasn’t half-bad in a no-decision.
During the game, French was looking to the Marlins future and it wasn’t good. He rattled off the list of players with no power: Maybin, Bonefacio and Morrison in the outfield on any given day, with Coughlin another left fielder with no power. A no-power outfield is not a recipe for the playoffs.
Now, this brings me to yesterday’s game and Logan Morrison, who took an awful hit off a foul ball, and according to this morning’s newspaper is OK.
Before being removed in the 10th, Morrison was 3 for 4, with two doubles and a triple, raising his BA to .312.
Well, doubles and triples are not HRs, of which he has only one, but certainly not bad. So I went home and calculated total bases as a percentage of at-bats. Hanley is at 48.6 percent, Morrison is 48.5, Uggla at 50.6 percent. So Morrison has some power, just not the HR type.
And by the way, Morrison will NEVER be rookie of the year. He came up late this year, too late for this year’s award, but a friend was wondering about next year. Nope. Through Sunday he already had 138 at-bats, and to be rookie of the year next year, only those with fewer than 130 ML at bats will be considered.

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