Monday, September 13, 2010

Home and Away

After a winning road trip, the Marlins come home. These stats below I think are through Saturday, not Sunday, but the trend remains the same. Of all the teams playing .500 ball or above, the Marlins have the fewest wins at home. In fact, measured by home victories, they would be tied for last in the NL East, with Washington. if you only counted road victories, they'd be tied with the Yankees. Only Giants have more road victories.

At home, they’re batting .256 with 919 total bases in 68 games. On the road, they’re .258 with 1068 total bases in 73 games. ERA on the road is 4.25, at home 3.75 – a half-run average, probably due to the big pitcher friendly home park.

Mike Stanton – at home – batting .250 with 6 home runs, on the road .353 with 14 home runs.

Hanley – 13 HR at home, batting .313, 9 HR on the road batting .292 -- so we can't blame it on Hanley.

So what’s this mean? Not sure.

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