Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why the Mets are interested in ARod

It may be that the Mets are talking with ARod because what they really need is starting pitching ... To get Santana, they may have to give up an all star quality young player. So, they trade Reyes or Wright to Minnesota for Santana, and then ARod fills the open infield spot.  

If that deal doesn't work out, then they go after Dtrain (who has always done well in Shea), but who do they given up? Lastings Milledge? Beinfest ain't buying that.

Of course, Boras is salivating at having the Angels and Mets competing for ARod. 
Loser gets Miggy.  Maybe its the other way around--the real winner is the team that gets the young, clutch-hitting, WS ring-owning man who never saw an arepa he didn't like, and the loser of the ARod sweepstakes is the team that signs  the troubled superstar who has failed to drive in something like the last 30 guys he had a chance to drive in during the post-season.

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Anonymous said...

All this Miggy talk is depressing. But with A-Rod the stalking horse, Marlins may figure they can get more for him now than a year from now.
-- Dorsch