Monday, November 5, 2007

Where Was Fredi When We Needed Him?

Fredi knows small ball. Get a guy on first, and Fredi needs a bunt like a smoker needs a cigarette. Alas, Fredi wasn't around for Game 3 of the 1997 World Series. Tied 7-7 going into the ninth.

Bobbie Bonilla starts with a walk. Bunt him to second, that's what Jim Leyland should have done, Fredi would say, but no. Daren Daulton hits a single to right, throw to third ends up in camera well, Bonilla scores. Grissom charged with error. Daulton to third. 8-7.

Alou strikes out. Floyd pinch-hitting. How about a bunt, Leyland? No, Floyd walks. Runners on first and third. Squeeze play, Jim?Eric Plunck throw to first gets away from Tome. Error. Daulton scores. 9-7.

Floyd hits to second on hit and run. Fernandez covering second, ball goes into right.

Counsel batting. Costas and Morgan speculate about a squeeze. Grounds to second. Bounces away from Fernandez. Error. Runners on first and second. 10-7.

White strikes out.

Renteria walks. Bases loaded.

Pitching change. Jose Mesa. Sheffield singles to right. Two runs score. Runners of first and second 12-7.

Bonilla batting. Wild pitch. Runners move to second and third. Single to right. 14-7.

Daulton flies out to center.

Final score 14-11.

Yep, Marlins gave up four runs in the bottom of the ninth, and won.... No small ball here..... I guess Leyland just didn't get the message...

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