Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Uggla

Here are some numbers about Dan Uggla. All come from
1 -- He led the team by a wide margin in strike outs (167, Miggie was in second place with 127).
2 -- Batting with men on, two out -- .167
3 -- Batting with runners in scoring position, two out -- .133
4 -- Batting with runner on third -- .150
5 -- Batting with bases loaded (meaning this is a weak pitcher, in trouble) -- .154

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Anonymous said...

When he's on, Uggla is a fearsome hitter. But in the clutch, he tried to do too much -- (over)swinging for the fences when all we needed was solid contact. The numbers, as John notes, speak for themselves. Next year -- so long as he remains a Fish, that is -- let's hope Uggla remains fearsome when runners aren't on, and more disciplined when they are. If he does, he'd be awesome. -- Ronnie