Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ronnie sez:
Word breaking today is that catcher Yorvit Torrealba is going to sign with the Mets, not the Marlins. So why does this Marlin fan view this as a good thing? Because I could not understand why Fish brass would free up extra money for a player of Torrealba's skills, while searching high and low to unload the stunning talent of Miguel Cabrera. I know the two potential transactions are not directly related, but it struck a discordant tone to see us chase after an average, at best, player while looking to trade a Hall of Famer. Torrealba is a below average hitting catcher -- a .251 career hitter with a modest 30 career homeruns -- and a solid, but far from spectacular, catcher. The hope here is this deal falling through will shake this horrid offseason slumber. Now the Fish bosses must say to Miggy's suiters: No, thanks.

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John said...

I agree completely. For what it's worth, Kelly Shoppach, backup for the Indians, is supposed to be loaed with potential and earned about $350,000 last year.