Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Lessons on Small Ball

Where was Fredi when the Marlins needed him back in 1997? He could have told Jim Leyland how you need to bunt to move runners along and win games ... Instead, Leyland had to struggle through on his own.
Here it is, Game 7, World Series. Bottom of the Ninth.

Indians 2 Marlins 1.

Alou singles.

Bonilla batting – 3-2. "Do you send Alou?" Bob Costas asks, "to stay out of the double play? Or do you play it safe?" Alou’s not going. Bonilla strikes out. If he was going it could have been a strike-em-out, throw-em out double play.

Charles Johnson – single to right. Alou to third. Gregg Zaun runs for Johnson.

Counsell batting – Deep drive to right. Caught by Manny Ramirez. Alou scores. 2-2

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