Friday, April 5, 2013

And now comes the bad news ...

My buddy, H, commented this morning: "Give it up for the only 0-3 team in baseball. This is inept franchise management at its worst. No long-term plan. This isn't rebuilding. With rebuilding, you develop young players over a period of time. And you don't look this hopeless. Only one player on this team would scare any pitcher. And none of our pitchers scares anyone." My response: "I agree completely. Tampa and Washington methodically built up solid teams. Upper management for Marlins is just clueless: Bad drafts, bad plans or no plans, bad trades. The scary thing is that the Washington series showed the Marlins at their best. In NY, we are going to see two pitchers who are the minor league subs for two pretty awful pitchers who are injured. Now things could get really bad. I am thinking of myself as Joe Boyd, the hero of The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, who listened to the Washington Senators year after year on his radio in the 1950s. The Senators finished first in the AL in 1933. They finished second in 1945. But for most of the rest of the time until they left Wash in 1960, they were at the bottom of the AL. But, uh, Joe had a dream as he listened to those games ... And they can't take 1997 and 2003 away from us. So take that, Cub fans."

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