Friday, April 12, 2013

Buck is better than entire Marlins team

So far this year, they've hit two home runs and driven in 15 runs. John Buck, thrown into the Blue Jays giveaway last year, has five home runs and 15 RBI with the Mets as of Friday morning. Thanks to an off-day, Marlins kept their record at 1-8. The '62 Mets, worst team ever, were 0-9 at this point. The '93 Marlins, in their first year (like the '62 Mets), were 3-6 at the start. My buddy R says, “It will only get worse. The 'prospects' now masquerading as big league players show no signs of being players. The shortstop -- the centerpiece of a trade that unloaded four All-Stars -- will be lucky to hit .160 this year.” H observes: "If we break the Mets' record, will the Fish be the ultimate dysfunctional franchise through 20 years? 2 championships, 0 division titles, all-time single-season loss record.” Take that, Cubs.

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