Saturday, April 13, 2013


2013 Marlins are now 1-9, the same record as the historic losers, the Mets, had in 1962. They're on a pace to win 16 games for the season.

After Friday night's miracle – a run scored – Marlins are batting .208, worst in the Major Leagues, with an on-base percentage of .281, 27th of 30 teams. With Stanton now injured, the team's performance is beyond laughable. Twenty-five players have more home runs than do the Marlins as a team. Three players have more RBI than do the Marlins squad.

The Marlins 17 runs scored in 10 games is by far the worst in Majors, trailing the next worst, Pirates and Dodgers (!), who have 27 runs scored. (Boy, those Dodger owners must be grumbling.)

Announcers talk about someone hitting behind Stanton, to “protect” the slugger. But in fact, it'd probably be better if there were runners on base in front of Stanton, so that pitchers were forced to pitch to him.

Juan Pierre, 35,still has a great work ethic, but his aging body is struggling. He's never taken a lot of walks, and this year he's gotten only one, though he has gotten hit by pitches twice, and I assume he's leaning in. His on-base percentage is .268. Not getting the leadoff hitter on base is a major part of Marlins not being able to score runs.

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