Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thoughts on the Marlins Beating the Cubbies on a Saturday Afternoon

The Bartman curse continues. We are now getting close to the fifth anniversary when the lovable, adorable Cub fans changed into monsters, starting a curse that still hexes the team because they blamed a poor nerdy guy for 17 runs crossing the plate all because he tried to catch a foul ball. Not until Cubs fans personally and profoundly apologize to this innocent fan, not until they build monuments in his honor will the Bartman curse be lifted. I am sure Bartman is willing to forgive and forget, but that's not the point. The point is that the monster fans were willing to blame a fellow fan rather than their miserable players. Well, the Marlins scored EIGHT runs in that inning after Bartman allegedly interfered. There was a lot of bad pitching and a big error by the Cubs shortstop, but how can sports writers keep blaming a fan for EIGHT runs? And Wood could have sent them to the WS the next night, in game 7, but he gave up SEVEN runs and Farmsworth another TWO . ... Josh Beckett pitched four innings in relief in that seventh game to preserve a 9-6 victory. But it's so much easier to blame the fan. ...
And so the $20 million Marlins on a Saturday afternoon in extra innings beat the $100 million Cubs ... and the Bartman Curse continues.

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