Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Humid Night with Too Many Mets Fans

Aw, man, Tuesday night was pretty awful. Losing 4-1 in front of 25,000, all of them packed into the lower deck. We were in our usual Tuesday half-price-with Herald-coupon seats in Section 102, by the Mets bullpen, and the place was packed, with thousands of people not knowing they're in a ballpark and need to sit down, and wandering out every half-inning it seemed to get more snacks. Clearly, it was a night showing why Dolphins football stadium is not built to watch baseball, with so many people obscuring home plate for too many plays, with my friend French bellowing, "Sit down!" far too many times.... And loud and chortling Mets fans everywhere, enough to give you a headache. But here it is, the end of July, and the $20 million Marlins are battling the $100 million Mets for first place, and I got to see a Big League game for $11.50... And Olsen settled down after giving up three straight doubles in the first.... And Anibel Sanchez returns on Thursday night ...

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