Thursday, July 31, 2008

For the Record

The Marlins have played their last 7 games against two first place teams. Four of those games were on the road, three at home.  They won 4 and lost 3.  They sure feel like contenders to me, but I hope they don't give away too much to get Manny. . .

Pudge at 36 is not the player he was '03. Great player, past his prime, a catcher coming into a new league on August 1, doesn't know the pitching staff or the other teams. Not sure how much he would have been worth to the Marlins. 

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John Dorschner said...

Well, I was just thinking of rent-a-pudge, for rest of season, like a Darren Daulton (remember him?) who came in for last few weeks and helped make a WS champion. Pudge is certainly past his prime, and so for that matter is Farnsworth.