Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hope at the All Start Break

Wow ... Josh Johnson is back, not a super outing, but a solid one, and then Volstad with a super outing. ... I saw him get Volstad get his first win, in Denver, sitting in lower deck right field, a $26 seat. ... at dolphins stadium, same seats on a sunday are $16 ... they had about 25,000 in attendance. we get about 11,000 .... they said it was volstad's major league debut in denver, and i thought they were wrong, cuz i'd seen him before... when i got home, i remembered, i saw him at dolphins stadium pitch four innnings against yankees in that exhibition game. gave up no runs .... and if a sanchez comes back ... and we get a catcher ... and ... and ... we're only half way through the season ....

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