Friday, December 14, 2007

Stadium commmentary

Expos fan (and therefore Loria/Samson hater) John Brattain comments here on Marlins' ownership's negotiating strategy for a new stadium.
Its nice to read something that's not about the Mitchell report.


John said...

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John said...

Wow -- link now working: It includes this bit: "I feel for Marlins fans. They do not deserve this greedy mismanagement of their team. They are on the short list (Samson doubly so) of the worst owners ever to be inflicted on professional sports. They are Bill Wirtz; they are Charles Comiskey; they are the Bidwell family; they are the polyps in the bowels of how major league baseball does business.

I take that last line back.

They are no longer polyps; they are now cancers and should be treated accordingly."