Thursday, December 13, 2007

A minor comment on the Mitchell Report

The first thing I looked for was how Mitchell handled HGH.
On page 9 of the report, he  does say that the studies indicate that HGH does not increase muscle strength in healthy subjects, and that athletes who have tried it have found the same thing.
Why then does the report seem to continue to refer to it as a performance enhancing drug? If they are really concerned with the impact of the drug scandals on kids, as Mitchell says they are, why aren't they making a really big deal about this? Shouldn't their message be that HGH is not a PED, that there's no upside, only downside? 
For the rest, I've been listening to the ESPN talking heads, and therefore don't really have too much insight.

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John said...

As for Marlins, I saw only ex-Marlins on the list: Lo Duca, Kevin Brown, Sheffield, Gregg Zaun .. maybe the players were too young and too broke to afford the Juice.