Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First Thoughts on the Trade

From RG, Marlins Ultra-Super Fan: "The blackest day in Marlins history. Miguel and Dontrelle to Detroit for six !!!!!&#$!* prospects. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god."

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rdfrench said...

We don't know all the players involved from the Tigers side yet, but this sure looks to me like the Marlins are saying that they won't be competitive for another couple of years. I have to assume that Beinfest got good value--he's made a lot more good moves than bad--but who would pay to see them play after they trade the two best known players on the team for unknowns?

If you were a politician in Miami, would you vote to fund a stadium for the most profitable franchise in baseball knowing that it got that way by trading its best players and thereby alienating its fans?

MLB should force Loria to sell the team--he is taking revenue sharing from other teams, and not spending it to try to make his team competitive.