Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fire Chuck Hernandez Part II

    A while back I suggested the firing of pitching coach Chuck Hernandez, mostly tongue-in-cheek as a way of saving Redmond's job.
    Since then, I keep hearing -- particularly from Van Horne and Geffner on radio -- that Hernandez is highly respected throughout baseball, even as they go on to describe another problem with the pitching.
    Well, how much is a pitching coach responsible for? And how much is the front office's analysis of pitching? This struck me this morning when The Herald reported that the Marlins' draft brain trust last year selected a high school pitcher, Tyler Kolek, now in low minors, rejecting Carlos Rodon, who is already in Bigs, playing for White Sox.
    Sure, the Marlins have had a bunch of injured pitchers. Setting that aside, many pitchers do worse with the Marlins than they do when they're with other teams.
    Matt Latos -- 3.25 ERA last year with Reds, 6.12 this year with Marlins.
    DeScalfani -- 6.27 last year with Marlins, 4.15 this year with Reds.
    Eovaldi -- 4.37 last year with Marlins, 4.16 (and 5-1) with Yankees, despite moving to AL, where ERAs trend higher.
    Phelps -- 4.38 last year with Yankees (in higher AL), 4.68 this year with Marlins.
    Cishek -- 3.17 last year, 6.98 this year.
    Dyson -- 2.14 last year, 2.93 this.
    Morris -- 1.82 last year, 3.95 this.
    Alvarez -- 2.65 last year, 6.45 this.
    There have, however, been some exceptions to this trend.
    The Marlins traded Hatcher (3.38 last year) to Dodgers, where his ERA is 6.88.
    Dan Jennings went to White Sox (1.34 last year, 7.83 this) for Andre Rienzo (5.89 last year, 3.38 this). Looking good.
    Also Koehler has improved slightly: (3.81 last, 3.72 this) as has Hand (4.38 last 4.24 this).
    But then there's Andrew Miller, a case that continues to bug me (the trade that will live in infamy).  A washout as a starter with Marlins, some genius in another organization found that he could be a great reliever. This year with Yankees, his ERA is 1.08 with 17 saves.
    Since we Loria loyalists know that the front office can do no wrong (ahem!), surely then the fault must lie with the pitching coach.

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