Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chuck Hernandez for President -- or at least the Iowa Caucuses

    Starting on a bright note, then descending to reality:
    I usually blog only when I'm pissed, but ... to set the record straight (?!), I should note that in the past few days, we've had two important pitching match-ups that turned out well.
    One was Eovaldi and Phelps last Tuesday -- pitchers traded for each other (more or less). Eovaldi imploded -- 8 runs in 2/3 of an inning, Phelps 2 runs in 7 innings, making the front office look damn smart on that trade (at least temporarily).
    Then Saturday, we saw DeSclafani (whom we traded to get Latos) give up three runs in five innings, while Nicolino (whom we didn't give up) pitched seven shut out innings.
    Never mind the DeSclafani has an ERA of 3.48 (and years before free-agency) while Latos is at 5.37 and will likely be gone next year. These match-ups worked out at least this week.
    Probably purely fantasy, but every time I suggest that Hernandez be fired, he seems to fire up the pitching staff and they do better. At present, we have (probably temporarily) a surplus of solid starters, with various injured guys set to return. 
    Having said that, after this short, miserable road trip (1-4 in NY and Cincy), the Marlins are in fourth place -- right where they deserve to be.

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