Wednesday, June 17, 2015

At least we're not the Yankees

         As much as I complain about Marlins management, I occasionally have to remind myself about how much worse I'd be feeling if I were a Yankees fan.
         Now that the vaunted Yankees have dropped two in a row at Marlins Park, let's pause to think about the team that has won far more World Series than any other.
         This year -- as usual -- their payroll is well over $200 million. (A-Rod isn't even their most expensive player this year. CC and Teixeira both earn more than his $22 million. Tanaka also pulls in $22 million and Ellsbury isn't far behind at $21 million.)
         Smart owners should be able to put together a championship team for these kind of bucks ($217 million this year overall). Instead, they haven't made the playoffs the past two seasons, and the three years before that they lost in the playoffs before even reaching the World Series.
        Maybe Yankees management should consider hacking into the Astros computers to learn how to build a solid (and cheap) team. 

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