Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Baseball's Fun

    Two extra-inning victories over the weekend involving two pathetic teams -- but hey, it made for fun baseball.
    The NY Times put it in perspective for Saturday's marathon: "Inning after inning, the Mets and Miami Marlins -- the major league's two worst clubs in batting average -- looked incapable of summoning just one more run to break a 1-1 deadlock.
    "The Marlins finally did, but only after 20 excruciating and increasingly absurd innings. Through their own ineptitude the teams produced the longest game at Citi Field."
    I was listening on an off via radio and TV. Most memorable moment came in the eighth. Marlins had two on, nobody out, with Juan Pierre at the plate. Hechavarria gets picked off second. Juan Pierre, 35, batting .206 with runners in scoring position, then hits into a double play.
    We went out to eat with friends and I followed the last several innings on my phone. My friend, Richard French, said, "The Mets have an awful bullpen. The Marlins are bound to score a run." Of course, the Marlins bullpen is no great shakes either. Man of man.
    Thanks to the hapless Mets, the 2013 Marlins are now 18-44, having won an astonishing 5 of their last 10. And the miserable Brewers, as bad as the Mets and with a drug scandal brewing, are coming to town. At this point, the worst-ever 1962 Mets were 17-45.

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