Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feeling Positive II

    So Cody Ross, pinch hitter, did in the Marlins Wednesday afternoon with a three-run homer. I've always loved Cody -- a scrappy player with limited natural skills that always seemed to do a little more than he should have to help a team win.
    I was sorry to see him go in 2010 to the San Francisco Giants, where he quickly became MVP of the National League Championship Series. But hey, we got a lot in return for him -- the draft pick that led to Jose Fernandez. Or was it Steve Cishek? Oh gosh, my memory's failing. I better look it up ...
    Yipes... the Marlins put Ross on waivers in 2010. They got nothing for him. But I'll bet you knew that already.
    On another positive note, I see Publix is still selling peanuts in a Marlins insignia bag for $1.69. I hadn't been able to find these this season, but I spotted them in an odd corner Wednesday. I like to take one of those to the ballpark, because it's a lot cheaper than the $3 or $4 bag the Marlins sell, which has a lot fewer peanuts.
    On a downer note, the Marlins have sunk so low that their Miami radio station didn't carry the Wednesday afternoon game from Arizona, preferring instead to have a couple guys blabber several hours about the Heat winning game six. I like to listen to baseball on the radio as I putter around on my errands. I tried a West Palm station that was carrying the game, but reception wasn't good. The game was on Radio Mambi, so I ended up practicing my Spanish.
    The Marlins are now 22-49. The 1962 Mets were 19-52 at this point.

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