Friday, June 7, 2013


     North Carolina 3B Colin Moran, drafted Thursday in the first round (sixth overall) by the Marlins, joins a special team of Jeff Allison, Taylor Tankersley, Chris Volstad, Aaron Thompson, Jacob Marceaux, Ryan Tucker, Sean West, Gregg Sinkeil, Chris Coghlan, Matt Dominguez, Kyle Skipworth, Chad James, Christopher Yelich, Jose Fernandez and Andrew Heaney.
    All have been first round picks during the Loria era. Allison is considered by some to be among the top 10 busts of all time. Coghlan and Fernandez are the only ones now on the ML squad, although many have hope for Yelich (currently injured in AA). The last time the Marlins had a pick this high, they selected catcher Skipworth (6th overall in 2008), who is languishing in mediocrity at AAA as the Marlins desperately trade for catchers.
     Thanks to an off-day, the Marlins remain at 16-44, the same record as the worst-ever '62 Mets.

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