Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dem Bums

So my friend French, who used to post on this blog, has given up on the Fish. "Boring," he calls them. Says he'll probably never go to another game at the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie. This came up when I invited him to come with me to the Angels game last Monday night. I went. One hour, 43 minute rain delay. I decided to go before I knew Jack would be managing his first game in his second stint. I entered the parking lot even as rain drops fell on the windshield. They lost. I went again Wednesday night with my friend Orlando. They lost. On Friday, I was talking to Richie, the world's greatest auto mechanic. He grew up in Brooklyn. People supported the Dodgers through thick and thin. "They were our team." A lot of awful years they had, and then the heartbreaking Series losses to the Yankees. But people showed up to see their beloved Bums, and that's why I'm showing up for these miserable Fish.

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