Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clutch ?

Cody Ross never had a great batting average with Fish, but somehow fans chanted his name in the late innings, because he seemed to come through. Now, in this dismal month of June with its record losses, look at these performances with runners in scoring position and two outs (for 2011, according to sports illustrated stats): LoMo is 0 for 11, Helms 1 for 8 (.125), Buck is 5 for 27 (.185), Stanton .189, Dobbs and Bonifacio are .240 (6 for 25), Gabby at .281, Hanley at .296 and Brett Hayes at .333 (3 for 9). Hanley, for his miserable at bats is the leading starter when it comes to the clutch.

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