Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jayson Stark at ESPN reports that the Marlins are shopping for a center fielder, a catcher, and bullpen help, because the Marlins believe they are in the race to stay. He says they are willing to trade arbitration eligible players (he mentions Willingham) plus prospects, for players they can control for several years. He says Johnson has been clocked at 96, and the Marlins are confident he will be back soon.

I have been thinking that Willingham's return will present a quandry for the Marlins. Right now, their lineup alternates between lefties and righties, and Gonzo has been a productive hitter, especially in the clutch. 

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John Dorschner said...

certainly will be interesting to see what they can come up with ... someone was joking that de aza has been missing so much they should put his face on milk cartons.