Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Comparison

Player A: 14 HR; 47 RBI; .802 OPS; 46 runs created

Player B: 11 HR; 48 RBI; .811 OPS; 49 runs created.

Player A is Jorge Cantu; Player B is is the guy Cantu replaced,  Miguel Cabrera.

On a related note, Dontrelle Willis pitched 2 innings yesterday, gave up one hit, one earned run,  3 walks and no strike outs. He was pitching in relief, for the class A Lakeland Tigers. As far as I can tell, it was his first appearance since being sent down in early June.

Don't get me wrong, Miggy is a wonderful player, and Dontrelle may well return to his former glory. I have fond memories of both, and wish them nothing but the best. But the Marlins are a better team without them than they were with them.

Larry Beinfest is a genius. 

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John Dorschner said...

Sure looks so now ... not to mention finding uggla for free ...