Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Remembering the Departed

    A friend of a friend couldn't use Monday night tickets, so RF and  I ended up in row three, section 10 -- between home and first base. Great seats. Usual game. Alvarez had an implosion second time through the league-leading Braves lineup, and Marlins lost 5-2.
    I've now seen 10 games this person -- a 3-7 record.
    Without Stanton, this weak-hitting lineup's first five hitters combine for 23 home runs -- less than half Chris Davis' 48 home runs. Even that 23 is a bit misleading, since part-timer Ruggiano accounts for 16 of them.
    Marlins remain dead last in MLB in runs, hits, doubles and home runs. They're a respectable 8th (out of 30) in one category -- grounded into double plays, which is kind of astonishing since they get so few runners on base.
    Anyway, I spotted a fan in the first row of section 10 with this baseball hat. Kind of wish I had one.

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