Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh Ye of Little Faith

     Some inattentive Marlins fans complain that we gave  up Anibal -- an ever-improving pitcher -- and Infante to the Tigers for a weak-hitting, bad-throwing catcher (Brantly) and Andrew Miller II (Turner, 4.97 ERA in the last 30 days). But no!
    We also got Brian Flynn -- a 6-7 23-year-old in the Miller mode who was just promoted. Surely, one of these three guys will prove to be an All-Star, right? (Also called the Miggy theory.)
    On Thursday -- free day for old farts -- Orlando, RF and I saw him pitch from Section 22. Flynn lasted four innings, gave up six runs and  now has an ERA over 10 -- contributing to a numbing 6-1 defeat before an announced crowd of 15,274. That was my 11th Marlins game of the year (and sixth free one). I have seen eight losses.

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