Saturday, September 20, 2008

Managers and outfielders and relievers

1 -- How many times have you seen lineups like the Marlins have been posting recently in which the outfielders hit sixth, seventh and eighth. It happened several times before the arrival of the fabulous Maybin.
2 -- I am going to look back, when I have time, to see how many games Fredi-Pinto lost us after we acquired Rhodes, a solid left hand reliever, and still Pinto was sent out there for continuing disaster.

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rdfrench said...

Pinto was a key part of their success this year. While I agree that Fredi could have used Rhodes more when Pinto ran out of gas, I think you'd do better to consider the fact that Nolasco started the season in the bullpen, while Fredi gave starts to Badenhop, Hendrickson, and Vandenhurk.