Monday, March 24, 2008

Miguel Cabrera's value

Here's an interesting stat comparison:

reported value of Miguel Cabrera's new 8 year contract with the Tigers: $152.3 million

Projected value of Cabrera over the next 8 years, per The Baseball Economist: $268 million.  Bradbury calls it an amazing deal for the Tigers, because baseball salaries have been growing  at an annual rate of about 10% for an extended period of time.

value of the Florida Marlins franchise, per Forbes magazine: $244 million.  In fairness that estimate predates the agreement to build the new stadium.


Anonymous said...

So ... Miggy's real worth is as great as the entire marlins franchise? and how does that compare to a-rod's real worth? at his age, does miggy have more upside? ... wow, that would be something --
-- John Dorschner

rdfrench said...

But consider this: Hanley Ramirez is almost certainly worth more than Miggy! Of course, by the time he will be eligible to cash in, the Marlins franchise will be worth more than the Forbes '07 number, because of the stadium deal.

A deeper-pocketed team would be looking at signing Hanley to a multiyear deal, just as the Cards did with Pujols.

John Dorschner said...

In the meantime, I keep reminding myself to buy a Tigers cap.