Thursday, May 11, 2017

Marlins pitchers pay scale

Loria upped the payroll this year, perhaps knowing it would be his last attempt to get to the playoffs. But how wisely did they spend the money? ERA is just one of many measures, of course, but just for a rough look, it's an indication there seems to be no correlation between pay and performance with this team. (Salaries from Herald report.)

Chen4.33    $15.5 mil
Volquez    4.71    $9 mil
Ziegler4.49        $7 mil
Ramos3.01    $6.5 mil
Koehler5.61    $5.75 mil
Tazawa 4.49   $5 mil
Phelps4.76   $4.6 mil
McGowan4.58   $1.75 mil

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