Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Woody Allen Index of the Marlins.

         Woody Allen once said: "Eighty percent of success is showing up."
          With that in mind, I measured Marlins for 2015 who kept showing up and performing: Total bases, walks, net stealing (steals minus caught stealing times 2). I'll call this index Total Total Bases.

Player TB BB Net Stealing Total Total Bases
 Gordon, D
257 25 18 300
 Yelich, C
198 47 6 251
 Prado, M
197 37 1 235
 Bour, J
196 34 0 230
 Realmuto, J
179 31 0 210
 Ozuna, M
176 31 -4 203
 Stanton, G
169 34 0 203
176 23 3 202
 Suzuki, I
111 34 1 146
 Dietrich, D
114 23 -4 133

Interesting that Bour and Realmuto ranked well even though they weren't starters when the year began. I wish Prado had more power, but he consistently produced. Yellich was coming on strong at the end. I always thought Hechavarria's high batting average should have moved him up in the batting order, but he doesn't walk and he doesn't steal. Dietrich wasn't on the team till near the end of the season, but he almost as well as Suzuki. And Ozuna shouldn't steal.

Note: Stanton has been in the lineup about 75 percent of the time in his first full years. Pujols played in 95 percent-plus during his first years.


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