Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why Redmond Had to be Fired, Part II

1 -- He couldn't get anything out of Mike Morse, who will cost Loria $16 million over two years.
2 -- He failed to inspire Saltalamacchia, who is getting paid $7 million this year to play for the Dbacks.
3 -- He also failed to inspire Mat Latos (1-4, 6.12) ERA, getting $9.4 million this year and then becomes a free agent next year. Meanwhile, James DeSclafani is 3-4 3.41 with Reds and doesn't become a free-agent until 2021.

Naturally, Redmond had to go as Loria brought in someone from the front office who had helped make these brilliant deals and will know how to get the most out of the team -- and improve that key cost-wins ratio.

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