Monday, August 18, 2008

Pinto! Fredi!

Every one of us sitting in the stands knew disaster was coming Sunday afternoon as Pinto strode to the mound in the 7th on Sunday. ... We had a two run lead and by the end of the inning we were down 8-2. Why, Fredi, why? As run after run crossed the plate. A 27 ERA in his past seven games. Hel- LO? I was imaging that Fredi would say afterward that he had to show confidence in his pitchers less they loss confidence in themselves. And that's exactly what Fredi said. Dr. Feel Good. "The No. 1 thing is he has confidence in himself that he can do it. We'll get him through it." Hey, I think Willie Randolph is available. Ozzie Guillen. ... My buddy says it's like Fredi's potty training Pinto. He keeps putting the kid back on the pot until he gets it right ... Or maybe this is an extended spring training in August cuz Marlins have given up. ... Maybe both Fredi and Pinto should be sent to Double AA for extended training. ...


rdfrench said...

I had the same sinking feeling when Fredi brought in Pinto, but: he's already worked more innings this year than all of last year. I suspect he's just worn out. He was one on the pillars of the bullpen, which was one of the strengths of the team in the first half.
Cantu misplayed that ball down the line, and since he didn't even touch it, he wasn't charged with an error. For a first rate third baseman, it would have been a double play.

In defense of Fredi--who else was he going to put in there? The Marlins bats need to come alive--the bullpen is worn out. Even when the hitters hit the ball hard, they are hitting it right at someone. That needs to change quickly for the Marlins to retain any hope of making the playoffs.

John Dorschner said...

Yes, actually, better defense in that seventh inning would have saved Pinto, kinda -- cantu misplayed a ball into a double and then Gonzo in left, slow, lumbering old guy, missed a catch near his feet that a better, more mobile outfielder would have had.